How Payday Loans Can Ruin Romance (Video)
payday loan girl dumped

If you subscribe to the notion that love conquers all, you probably haven’t been exposed by your financial infidelities.

But according to new research by MoneySupermarket, 38 per cent of Brits would reconsider their relationship if the partner was bad with money or carrying debts.

About 9 per cent have never revealed the status of their finances to their significant other while 20 per cent have secretly stashed money away from a partner.

“Whilst many may like to flash the cash to entice their other half, it seems being sensible with finances, having a secure job and a good grasp of money may improve your chances of finding Mr or Miss Right,” said Kevin Mountford of MoneySupermarket. “Our research shows that during these tough economic times, the state of people’s finances is impacting whether the relationship will continue or not.”

100 Day Loans UK’s dramatic sketch reveals how payday loans are no exception in causing romantic friction. Honesty and implementation of responsible repayment habits not only help your financial health, but your relationship health as well.

Check out the video below and let us know if you’ve ever experienced similar drama. And if your relationship is struggling from financial flubs, we’ve got detailed guidance on smart borrowing from “I Hate You Payday Loans.”