What is 100DayLoansUK’s role in the lending process?

100DayLoansUK is a professional loan broker. We offer a free service to borrowers that helps them quickly and easily get a small loan. Our advanced loan finder allows us to connect with lenders fast to find you the best loan available.

When will I have access to my small loan?

Once you have accepted your offer for the small loan, funds could be in your account the same day*1

How long will I have to pay it back?

The duration of a small loan is different for every loan. A number of factors determine how long you will have to pay it back. In most cases, your repayment period is based on a number of financial factors, including your income and pay period and lender’s policies. Your exact terms will be given to you upon signing for your loan.

Why do I need to hand over such personal information on the application?

Some details needed on the application are crucial for lending online. Certain identifying information will be needed to confirm that you are who you say you are. You will also be required to provide bank account information so that the money can be transferred once you’ve accepted the loan.

We are aware that it can sometimes be a bit unsettling to hand over personal information online which is why we use some of the best protection options when handling your application. Bit encryption technology and HTTPS protocols are used to make the exchange of information as secure as possible.

How do I learn more about payday loans?

Often the information surrounding payday loans is scarce.  If you need to know more about how payday loan APR is calculated, how to properly manage a short-term loan or how others feel about the loan, visit our payday loan learning centre.

Here you can download a free eBook, get to know the loans and decide on the path that is best for your finances.  Like a credit card or mortgage, the best way to manage a financial product is to learn as much as you can.

You can finish our eBook, watch all of our videos, skim the infographic and review a consumer survey in the time it takes for your loan to arrive.  That way you are as prepared as possible to make a payday loan work in your favor.